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Working papers

CEO turnover, corporate culture, and capital structure, with Kwangwon Ahn and Hursit Selcuk Celil

Diversity matters: Director’s career and firm performance, with Hongkee Sul.

Behind the scenes: A closer look at annual incentive plans, with Jun Yang. link to SSRN

Beating the Target: Performance Management Around the Annual Incentive Target, with Jun Yang and Xiumin Martin link to SSRN


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Value of loyalty: Loyalty programs in airline and hotel industries

Progressive carried-interest

Shooting the stock market: Investor sentiment around mass shooting, with Domenico Tarzia

Political connections and corporate finance policy in Chinese firms, with Hursit Selcuk Celil and Kevin Chastagner

Conference participations

SFS Finance Cavalcade, presented by co-author, Washington, DC, 2014

American Finance Association Annual Meetings, presenter, Philadelphia, PA, 2014

Paris Financial Management Conference, presenter, Paris, France, 2013

China International Conference in Finance, presenter, Shanghai, 2013

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